Manchester Monastery was built by Franciscan monks in the 19th century and remained in their care until they finally left in 1989.

It then unfortunately fell into disrepair and was left to vandals and thieves.

manchester salford weddings manchester monastery wedding breakfastI have a lot of affection for the Manchester Monastery. In my previous life I was a solicitor. We had a branch office not far from the monastery and at that time it was derelict and in quite a state.

Even in that condition, you could see its potential and a could get a feel for its former glory.

I would bore anyone who happened to be in the car with me about what a crying shame it was that such a beautiful building had got into such a state.

A few years later, after many years of charitable donations, the monastery was transformed into the most fabulous event space.

It really is a breathtaking sight. Endless graceful stone arches, that you have to crane your neck to see the top of. Spectacular mood lighting and arched mullioned windows. A small but perfectly formed courtyard garden.

You can choose to have your whole wedding at the Monstery or just your wedding breakfast. Either way I can guarantee that your guests will be wowed like never before.

The Manchester Monastery is a photographer’s dream. The majestic Great Nave with it’s sweeping stone arches and high, high ceilings. The elegant Cloisters and tranquil Archangel Garden provide perfect backdrops for beautiful, memorable wedding photographs to cherish forever. It is a genuinely exciting wedding venue.

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