So I’m a Salford girl who has watched Salford Quays regenerate from a disused dock, to a thriving commercial and leisure area. Then recently into the very hub of the country’s vast media empire. Media City is, in my eyes, fabulous. I have a little bubble of pride when ever I drive there.

lowry theatre wedding balcony view at nightThe neon lights reflected in the water. The old red iron bridges -sturdy and majestic. The newer graceful footbridges. The contemporary brick and steel architecture of the Imperial War Museum and the unsurpassable Lowry theatre.

Now I go the the Lowry theatre A LOT. The shows are diverse. The art exhibitions brilliant and the decor sublime.

I am a fan of bright colours and the mad colour scheme of yellow, orange and purple should not work but really does. Maybe it’s a perfect contrast against the steel grey of the structure and the sky outside.

The Compass room at the Lowry theatre really is a brilliant place for a wedding. During the day you have a room that is glazed from floor all the way to roof on three sides. With a panoramic view of Media City and Old Trafford.

For a closer look at the view there is a wraparound balcony.

At night the atmosphere of the room is transformed by twinkling lights and the inky blue of the sky. It become a magical place. Perfect for dancing and romance.

Don’t worry about the weather here. There are a ton of places to take photos. Group shots can take place on the interior bridge. Bridal portraits in the gallery walkways. Outside is the opportunity for beautiful urban portraits with the converging lines of bridges, curved steps and steel towers.

It’s the perfect Salford venue in an authentic modern urban setting.

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